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Ebook Conversation

An all new experience for book-lovers is eBook conversation brought up by Syncway Infotech Pvt. Ltd. eBook conversation is the process of converting text books into audio books. We have special software that will intelligently convert typed matter into audio. You just need to type the content provided by us keeping in mind the accuracy while typing. Rest of the things like, editing, correction, formatting, etc would be done by us afterwards. There are a couple of submission rules that you need to remember while working for eBook Conversation:

  1. Submission ought to be made just on the organization's official email address
  2. Submission ought to be made precisely on or before the deadline given by the organization
  3. File names of the submitted document ought to precisely match with picture files
  4. Submission ought to be made in zip folder
  5. The zip folder of the submitted files ought not contain some other document/folder
  6. All the submitted files ought to be finished