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You can work with us. As we said we are in procedure of changing over books into Audio. For a similar reason we have outlined a product which will brilliantly change over all what is composed in it. What's more, here we offer this job to you. You can undoubtedly earn just by typing. All what you need to do is to type what we provide for you as it is and all what you need to take care is your accuracy in typing.
That is it, no altering, no remedy, no arranging. All that will be done by our end. You simply need to type for us.
You won't be paid only to type, you will be paid for your accuracy, the more exactness you keep up in your work, the more you will earn. Now understand what accuracy implies. Accuracy implies whatever you compose that ought to be accurate, with no typo errors in it. Suppose for instance if 100 pages are given to type and out of that if there are 85 pages typed accurately, i.e. they don't have any mistakes in it, the accuracy would be called to be 85% as 85 pages out of 100 pages don't have any mistake.

Every exact page typed by you is qualified for payment and henceforth we call them Qualified Pages. Any page which contains any sort of typo error doesn't qualify for payment and consequently we call them Disqualified Pages.

Go through the plans

Starter plan

  • TDS will be deducted from the payment.
  • Payment will be made 3-5 days of QC report.
  • QC report will be generated within 3-5 days.
  • Payment will be made only for accurate pages.
  • How about we take Plan from the previously mentioned arrangement to see how it functions. In Normal plan you will be given aggregate 300 pages which you should type precisely and submit inside 30 days. Rate of installment in Normal Plan is 180/ - per page. Subsequently now in the event that we accept that out of aggregate 300 pages put together by you 50 pages gets precluded because of mistake blunders in it and 225 pages gets qualified then your installment will be 250*180 = 45000/ - rupees.

    So total payment will be 45000 + 1000 (Refund from Deposit) = 46000/- INR

    So this is the way how your installment will be figured which relies on which design you pick and what number of exact pages you offer back to the organization in the wake of composing.

    You will likewise get your precision report alongside your installment.

    Perceive how it would be… Project Sample Report

    Submission Rules:

  • Submission ought to be made just on the organization's legitimate email address.
  • Submission ought to be made precisely at the very latest the due date given by the organization.
  • Document names of the submitted record ought to precisely coordinate with picture documents.
  • Submission ought to be made in zip envelope.
  • The compress envelope of the submitted records ought not contain some other document/organizer.
  • All the submitted records ought to be discovered finished. Any fragmented record ought not be found in the submission envelope
  • All the Submitted documents ought to be in Given Editor of Company as it were.

  • Technical Instructions:

  • Client is required to make singular Companies Editor records for each picture documents.
  • Each line of the Companies Editor should coordinate with the comparing line in the picture; henceforth the pages might consequently coordinate with the picture document pages.
  • Everything ought to be written with left arrangement, at all might be in the picture record.
  • Latin Characters or Accent Characters, assuming any, might be written as should be expected characters. Ex: "æ ought to be composed as ae, ç ought to be composed as c, Ý ought to be composed as Y, ë ought to be composed as e and so forth.
  • Shading content (if found in the picture record) ought to be composed in Black shading content as it were.
  • Continuously type the content as Regular content. Intense, Italics in Companies Editor File isn't at all required and isn't conceivable too.
  • On the off chance that a word splitted in the picture record, same ought to be done in the Companies Editor document. No legitimizations ought to be done between what ought to be correct and what ought to not be right. Simply type as it is given in the picture records.
  • In the event that a line closes in the picture records same ought to be done in the Companies Editor document.
  • There should be no 'Header' or 'Footer' utilized.

  • Rejection Criteria:

  • On the off chance that document name of the submitted record doesn't coordinate with the document name of picture document and If the Continous Typing Found at that point submitted work is Rejected.
  • In entire Companies Editor documents found.
  • Any pictures are found in the word report.
  • On the off chance that shaded content is found in the documents submitted.
  • On the off chance that any of the hyperlinks are found.
  • On the off chance that some other record/organizer found in the Zip envelope other than the required Companies Editor documents
  • On the off chance that the record submitted isn't in Company Editor and in Company organize.
  • On the off chance that the finished activity records has not been submitted inside the due date said by the organization.

  • QC Declaration:

    In the report just a single mix-up will be appeared. As though one slip-up is discovered the page gets excluded, henceforth there is no importance to watch that specific page further. Still in the event that you need full report for examination you can demand to organization it will be Subject to Acceptance of Company..!!!